It's time to backup your files!

Why should I backup my files?

You never know when a disaster could come. Deleted file, hack, dead disk... Don't loose important data and do regular backups!

How should I backup my files?

Save a copy of your data on an USB key, external disk or other support. But copying files manually could be slow and complicated.
time2backup can solve this issue.

Why use time2backup?

time2backup uses the powerful rsync command and simplify it by adding useful features. You can easely explore your backups, restore files, clean old backups, and more!

  • Easy backups
  • Restore files and directories
  • Backup remote PCs
  • Written in Bash, without dependencies
  • For every systems

Download time2backup

Download the last version of time2backup for your Operating System below.

Download for: Linux (Debian/Ubuntu), macOS, Windows

See changelog, Checksums (SHA-256), Archives

Help us!

Help us to make time2backup better in submitting issues to report a bug or request a new feature!

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For any question about time2backup, contact the main developer.

Thanks for your support and have a good backup!